Winter skincare

Winter can get pretty chilly in some parts of the world and if you’re planning on hiking during winter, then preparing your skin for the cold outdoor environment is vital. My tip is to add a serum to your skincare routine. This will assist with preventing your skin becoming dehydrated in the colder and windy outdoors. In colder weather, there is less moisture in the air, which can dry your skin and the wind can strip your skin of natural oils, which can make it dry and flaky.

The world of serums can be very confusing and you’re not alone if you’re wondering what it is and why you need it. Working in the skincare industry I’ve had many conversations with women about serums and they’ve walked away feeling more confident about including it as part of their regular skincare routine. They are not needed for everyone and it may be a product you use seasonally. I only use it in winter, as my skin needs a boost, especially as I still get outdoors and expose my skin to the colder elements. I’ve put together some FAQ’s about all things serum for you.

What is a serum?

A serum is an oil, gel or light lotion, which is a high concentrate of ingredients that penetrates the surface of the skin a lot deeper than moisturisers. It hydrates from the inside and nourishes the epidermis layer of the skin.

At what stage of my beauty routine do I apply serum?

Apply your serum straight after cleansing and toning and wait five minutes before applying your moisturiser. This is because you want the serum to do its thing and sink into the skin before applying the moisturiser. The moisturiser then acts as a barrier to keep in all of the goodness and protect your skin. Depending on your skin type, you may want to apply daily or morning and night.

Can a serum replace my moisturiser?

No, they work together to give you moisturised and protected skin. Each product works very differently and replacing your moisturiser with your serum would mean your skin would not have a barrier from the environment, resulting in dryness, redness, breakouts and sun damage (oh and did I mention possibly more wrinkles?).

How much serum do I need to apply?

Less is best with serums. A few drops onto your index and middle fingers is ample. You don’t want apply too much as it won’t all absorb into your skin.

What are the other benefits of using a serum?

This does depend on your skin type and the type of serum you are using, however other benefits include improved complexion, reduced redness, reduced wrinkles (if using an anti-aging serum), clearing of acne.

What else can I do to combat dehydrated and dull skin in winter?

The biggest tip I can give is to drink lots of water! This is the best way to keep hydrated within and give you a healthy glow. Smoking is the worst thing you can do for your skin (in any season, but especially winter) – either cut back or give up all together.

Do you have any recommendations for which serums to buy?

This really depends on your skincare type.

My favourite store is MECCA and they have a world of options when it comes to serums:


I am a regular user of Model CO products and I can definitely vouch for their serum:


Sukin is a wonderful brand and a regular in my beauty bag. They have a number of serums for you:


There’s so much to love about Vanessa Megan and they have an anti-aging serum:



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