I love hiking in any season, however hiking in spring is a favourite time of year for me, as I absolutely love seeing all of the beautiful wildflowers come into bloom. In Australia, there are so many varieties and they are all so different. I love the colours, the textures and the smells. And it is a time of year when you get to see animals come out of hibernation and enjoy the warmer weather.

I live five minutes from Heathcote National Park and Royal National Park. There are endless hiking tracks I enjoy and admire the endless flora and fauna. Wildflowers grow all over the world, therefore to check out what types are nearby to you, research your closest hiking tracks and take a hike to see for yourself. The images below have all been taken during my  spring hikes in Heathcote National Park:

Australian wildflower

Australian wildflower 2

Australian wildflower 4

Australian wildflower 6

Australian wildflower 8

Australian wildflower 9

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