When the rain pours down in Sydney, it brings to life the waterfalls scattered throughout Royal National Park. It’s a magical time to explore Royal (as I like to call it) after a heavy rainfall. You can choose from viewing waterfalls (almost) from the car park, to walking over an hour to see them. I chose to do a full day out in Royal and capture some shots of inland and coastal waterfalls. It was absolutely beautiful and I could have spend all day at each one but I was on a mission to visit as many as possible.

First stop was Winifred Falls. Winifred Falls is an easy hike and from the trailhead, it’s a 1 km hike each way along a fire trail. The trailhead is located on Warumbul Road and clearly signposted. It is a steep track in sections, so be sure you have good hiking shoes (I definitely don’t recommend walking barefoot, as I saw a few others do on the day of my hike). With such a short hike to a stunning waterfall and waterhole, it’s a perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. I did see a Red Belly snake on my hike (and my reaction is another story), so be sure, as with all outdoor activities, to be prepared with a first aid kit and basic knowledge on treating hiking related injuries.

Winifred Falls Royal National Park

Our next stop was Curracurrang Falls. It’s hard to imagine multiple waterfalls pouring into the ocean, but this is one of the few places on earth you can see such magic. Drive to the Wattamolla carpark and take the Royal Coast Track south for 3.2 km. The waterfalls will sneak up on your and then you will be lost in their beauty for a moment before realising you need to get out your camera to capture some shots. Eagle Rock is another highlight on this part of the coast, however as with all coastal walks, be careful if venturing out on the cliff edges.

Curracurrang Falls Royal National Park Curracurrang Falls Royal National Park Curracurrang Falls Royal National Park

Our final stop was National Falls. Not as popular as the coastal waterfalls, these falls are located on the McKell Avenue, close to the town of Waterfall. You can see the falls within a minute from the car park, making it extremely accessible for everyone.

I’m already planning my next waterfall adventure to Royal, as there are still so many to see, so stay tuned to part 2.


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